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"Explore A New Wilderness" - Mojave Monuments

"Did you know that there are three new national monuments in California? Sand to Snow, Castle Mountains and Mojave Trails National Monuments protect approximately 1.8 million acres of spectacular desert landscapes, soaring mountain peaks, fragile wildlife habitat, unique historic resources and important cultural sites. They also offer a wide variety of recreation opportunities. Explore and enjoy your new wilderness!" Learn more about the newly designated monuments in Mojave and the best hiking spots in the area at the website found below.


"Located in the western portion of the High Desert, the City of Adelanto founder E.H. Richardson had a dream of establishing a community for World War I veterans.  Little did he know he would be setting the foundation for what is currently the city of Adelanto.  The city was home to the George Air Force Base which played a prominent role in World War II and the Korean War. The city had acres of fruit trees that were famous throughout the state until the depression.  Today, guests can watch the High Desert Mavericks, the city’s minor league baseball team. Enjoy the one of a kind beauty the city of Adelanto has to offer".


"The residents of Amboy refer to their town as, “Not Quite Ghost Town Yet!” It is located in the eastern part of the Mojave Desert. Get your kicks at the Route 66 store and Roy’s Café. Also nearby is Bristol Lake in the Mojave National Preserve, a salt mine that has approximately 60 million tons of salt in reserve.  While at Bristol Lake you can see halite crystals and how they form on the ground’s surface.  Enjoy the Amboy Crater and lava field, which is an extinct cinder cone crater where guest are able to see a black lava rock that rises from the landscape and can be seen from miles away.  Talk about a one of a kind experience that is a part of the National Natural Landmark".

Apple Valley

"Early settlers say apples were raised along the river, hence the name Apple Valley, but there are more than just apples!  The Town of Apple Valley is seen as a place where visitors are able to escape the city life and enjoy the western lifestyle of riding horses and attending rodeos.  Apple Valley has wonderful outdoor space, beautiful desert sunsets, making it the perfect destination for the whole family to appreciate and enjoy".


"Bagdad is known as a ghost town in the Mojave Desert, located on the famous Route 66.  Visit the cafe that was the setting of popular film titled Bagdad Café.   In addition to the film, Bagdad Café was a part of the 1990 television series with the same title".

Baker Valley

"Baker Valley is located in the Mojave Desert and is home to the world’s tallest thermometer which is 134ft and can be seen for miles.  One of the town’s most popular restaurants, the Mad Greek Diner, was featured on the Food Network’s hit show Diners, Dive-Ins, and Dives.  The town was also the set of 2003 science fiction film The Big Empty. If you have need for speed there is plenty of space for ATV riders who love to live life in the fast lane".


"Barstow is located in the northern region of the Inland Empire in San Bernardino County.  Guests are able to enjoy shopping at either the Barstow Outlet or Tanger Outlet Center.  Also, visitors are able to visit Barstow’s famous Harvey House, the former home of Fred Harvey. Calico Ghost Town and Rail & Craft Fest, and Western America Railroad Museum are just a few places where guest can visit throughout the year. Annual Events".

Big River

"Their motto is “Nature’s Doorstep”, which is exactly what it is! Big River has beautiful outdoor scenery that is perfect for the whole family.  Located on the west bank of the Colorado River, this town has ATV trails, muddy side trails, peaceful water of Delaronde, and a regional park. All of which are perfect for the outdoor family  From a Bed & Breakfast to Campgrounds you certainly want to make Big River your next destination".


"Calico is located in the Calico Mountains in the Mojave Desert.  The town received a California Historical Landmark in 2005 and was named California’s Silver Gold Rush Ghost Town by former Governor Schwarzenegger.  Guests are able to enjoy Calico Ghost Town tours and Mystery Shack tour.  Experience gold panning like a miner during the gold rush and explore authentic silver mine from the 1880s at Maggie Mine’s.  Lastly, visitors can learn about the historic town at the Lucy Lane Museum".

Edwards AFB

** You can only visit the museum if you have official business on the base.
"Edwards Air Force Base is home to the Air Force flight Test Center; the base is located west of the Mojave Desert.  Visit the Air Force Flight Test Museum and see exhibits such as Edwards AFB North and West Gates, Blackbird Airpark Exhibits, and aircraft inventory".

El Mirage

"Located northwest of Adelanto, El Mirage consists of four areas: the Dry Lake Bed, the Basin, the Shadow Mountains, and Twin Hills. The dry lake has often been used as a location for various movies and shows. Have some fun riding motorcycles, ATV’s, or tour in four wheel drive vehicles in the same area where stars rode around.  In addition to cruising around El Mirage, the area is also used for competitive racing.  The road network at El Mirage is placed so guests are able to go camping in most of the four sections of town.  What makes El Mirage special are its unique flat surface, plenty of ultra-light and other aircraft activities that cannot be found in other riding areas in the high desert".

Fort Irwin

"Fort Irwin is a national training center for the United States Military.  Guests can visit the NTC & 11th Armored Calvary Regiment Museum. The center and museum offer the perfect opportunity to learn the history of Fort Irwin and how it became what it is today as well as the impact it has on the military.  In addition to the museum, explore the wonders of space at NASA’s Goldstone Deep Space Communications tour.  Leave your mark at fort Irwin’s painted rocks". Tours


"Located in the Mojave Desert off of Interstate 40, take a look at this historic railroad town with the Mojave Desert and Cultural Association. This association reminds guests of the historic Goffs Schoolhouse, where guests can see historic exhibits and artifacts and fascinating photos".


"Hesperia is one of the best recreation areas in the Mojave Desert. There are several exhibits available such as the Harrison Exhibit.  Unlike other high desert locations, the Hesperia Zoo provides exotic animal encounters through guided tours for families and groups.  For the outdoor lovers, Hesperia has multiple trails for hiking and off-road areas. There is something for the whole family".

Johnson Valley

"Experience early Native American habitation in the Johnson Valley, located in the San Bernardino Mountain Area on Hwy 247 known as “Old Woman Springs Road”.  There is evidence of Native American habitation throughout the area, in fact the legendary, “Willie boy”, has been tracked and met his final fate here in Johnson Valley.  There is a rock coral that dates back to the early 1900s and it was a place where Cowboys went to water down their horses and cattle.  Wait! There’s more! Guests are able to see original homestead’s from the 1950s. What are you waiting for?  Come out and see Johnson Valley!"


"Many might say Kelso is just a town in the middle of the desert, but it was a prominent location for railroads in the 1920s.  The Kelso Depot gives visitors the opportunity to see what life was like in the depot in the first half of the 20th Century.  See the cultural history of the desert up close, at the Desert Light Gallery, where collections are rotated throughout the year and focuses on the cultural history and natural splendors".

Lake Havasu

"Enjoy the great outdoors with adventure and sunshine at Havasu Lake, CA. Go out in the water during the day and dance the night away with live music on Friday and Saturday. Guests can go camping, enjoy the marina, and even go to the casino just beside the Colorado River. Havasu is perfect for boat or PWC, or personal watercraft, owners who enjoy a lively social scene. If you do not own a boat, there are boats and other water vehicles for rent! There are several waterfront hotels, rentals, and campgrounds available for your next getaway".


"Enjoy and explore the great open west in Ludlow, CA. Explore historic buildings and with imagination the helps briing Ludlow to life.  After seeing the beauty of Ludlow, have a bit to eat at the Ludlow Café on Route 66".


"Needles is one of the oldest cities in San Bernardino County, and is located on the Colorado river across the bridge from Arizona and by the tip of Nevada.  Needles is viewed as the “gateway to the Golden State” where Route 66 runs through downtown Needles. Enjoy the tribal and rail history Needles has to offer such as The El Garces Hotel/Santa Fe and the Grapevine Canyon Petroglyph Site. For those that love the water, travelers are able to enjoy activities such as canoeing and paddling in the Colorado River in Arizona, California, and Nevada".

Newberry Springs

“When it was founded in 1911 it was named WATER and for years before that, was recognized as the first water point for wagon trains west of the Colorado River. Newberry Springs is located in the Great Mojave Desert covering around 244 sq miles of Silver Valley”. 


"Take outdoor adventure to the next level in Nipton, California! Go hiking, rock climbing, or back country camping during your trip to this town.  You can camp in a variety of sites in the Mojave National Preserve under a spectacular sky that will be filled with stars.  In addition, there are trails that provide various levels for hikers of all ages.  Guests are able to watch the train coming from the Union Pacific, which is the Gateway to the Mojave.  Love the Water? Go boating or land sailing on Ivanpah Dry Lake, fishing, swimming, and wildlife while viewing the beautiful Lake Mojave. Recreational Activities

Red Mountain

"Red Mountain is located southwest of the town known as Trona. Yet another ghost town that was once a booming area full of miners that traveled to California in search for gold. Currently, the town has a population of only about 130 people. However, there are still a lot of original buildings still standing, including a church, saloons, gas station, general store, and mining cabins. Guests can visit the Rand Desert Museum to learn all about Red Mountain".    

Spring Valley Lake

"Known as the “Jewel of the Desert” for its 200-acre waterski lake with a marina, fuel, beach, and swimming area". 


"Trona is located at the western edge of Searles Lake and southwest of Death Valley.  Guests can discover the Trona Pinnacles National Natural Landmark which has more than 500 tufa spires. It is safe to say you will be taking a journey at one of the most usual geologic wonders in the desert.  Guests can also go hiking and sightseeing on historical sites such as the History House".


Victorville, known as the “Key City” of the high desert, it is located on the southwestern edge of the Mojave Desert.  Compared to other cities in southern California, Victorville is able to get a taste of all four seasons.  Outdoor activities are by far the most popular in Victorville.  Guests are able to enjoy the Mojave Narrows Regional Park that offers lake activities as well as a riding stable.  In addition to the regional park, visitors are able to experience: fishing, camping, picnicking, hiking, equestrian trails, and visit the Route 66 Museum.


“Gateway to the Calicos”: Guests can explore attractions such as Calico Ghost Town, Calico Lakes, Mule Canyon and Odessa Canyon off-road and riding areas, and Union Pacific Railroad near the city of Yermo.