Hang Gliding & Parasailing

See the beauty that is San Bernardino County from a bird's eye view!

Whether it be through hang gliding or parasailing, trained professionals will help you soar to new heights.

High Adventure Hang Gliding

High Adventure offers USHPA certified training hill lessons and tandem
flight instruction. Flights and training are done from the Crestline
and Marshall Peak launches in the San Bernardino Mountains,
with landings at the Andy Jackson Airpark,
adjacent to the Cross Country Ranch, in San Bernardino,
60 miles east of Los Angeles, California. Phone: (909) 379-9095
Email: 0730am@gmail.com

Pine Knot Marina Parasail

The Big Bear Lake company provides
the opportunity to view the
Lake at an aerial view of 500ft.
Phone: (909) 866-7766

High Adventure Hang Gliding