Stargazing has been said to be calming, inspiring, and free. This is an activity where very little is needed to partake, all you need is to find the location. The best way to see the stars above is to avoid areas high in smog and city lights. The best locations are secluded, whether that be in scarcely inhabited mountain or desert areas. After that, it's all up to you! Maybe take a date stargazing and pack a picnic, or maybe buy a guide and bond with someone in your family. Either way, get out into nature and enjoy all of the  beauty of nature and space.

One location that is highly recommended to use a stargazing spot is Joshua Tree National Park. This national park offers campgrounds and many other activities in addition to stargazing, so why not make a weekend of it?

Another ideal stargazing location is Big Bear. The mountain city is perfect to stare at the skies due to its altitude which improves transparency. There is no set area to visit but it is recommended to avoid dusty locations, bright night time lights, and find a view with a wide view of the skies. Another tip is to use red lights instead of white lights when stargazing. Red lighting is better at keeping your eyes attuned to the dark, unlike white light which "resets" your eyes to bright lighting.

You can stargaze anywhere in our grand San Gabriel Mountains as long as you avoid and find the particular things mentioned above. Happy gazing!