Welcome to San Bernardino County

Do you love to play in the great outdoors or do you just need a weekend away to unplug? Visit San Bernardino County - Just 30 miles east of Los Angeles, San Bernardino County features the exhilarating recreation of Big Bear to the serene relaxation of Joshua Tree National Park. From star-gazing to hang gliding we have it all. Plan your adventure today!

San Bernardino County, California’s Outdoor Playground

County at a Glance 


  • The County begins about 30 miles east of Downtown Los Angeles and stretches to the Arizona and Nevada boarders
  • On average, there are about 312 to 340 days of sunshine during the year, depending on whether the community is in the desert, valley, or mountains. 

Quick Facts

  • Largest county in the continental U.S. - 20,160 square miles 
  • One of the fastest growing metro areas in the nation
  • Most affordable housing options in Southern California 


  • 9 Large Regional Parks 
  • 6 Ski Resorts 
  • 2 Lakes 
  • 1 Speedway 
  • 4 National Parks/ Preserves/ Forests 
  • 1 River